About Konyaku

Seven virtues of Kon-nyaku

  1. Rich in dietary fiber
  2. No-calorie by nature
  3. Contains calcium and modestly alkaline
  4. Accelerate egestion of undesirable matters from intestines
  5. Prophylactic against adult lifestyle-related diseases
  6. Prevents constipation
  7. Contributes to earn smooth, beautiful skin
Famed Mogami-gawa river originates and flows through Yonezawa City, where clear water and clean air are generous gifts from the nature, which we use in our processes to make kon-nyaku and other products. We are also conscious about using high-quality domestic materials and clean facilities. We take high pride in our brand of natural foods. Quality has never left our mind and so hasn't our enthusiasm for the development of new products.
Tama-kon-nyaku from INO FOODS, specially prepared with sesame seeds, giving fragrant sesame flavor going superbly well with deeply cooked aroma of soy sauce. Here in Yamagata, where people consume most Kon-nyaku in Japan, we proudly offer our Kon-nyaku products for everyone.

New products we recommend:

For the delight of diet-conscious people, INO FOODS is always working on the development of new products. One of the fruits of such efforts is "Kon-nyaku Ukogi Men" noodle, healthy Kon-nyaku formed into noodle style with nutritious Ukogi-leaf micro-flakes.
Tama-kon-nyaku, Yamagata's special delicacy, cooked in soy sauce, held on bamboo- or wooden-skewer, enjoyed in various occasions and locations too - at tourist attractions, local festivals, even at home, indispensable and essential in festive activities. Traditional folk food everyone loves.

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